Simon Yates

About Me

I've been a software engineer for over 20 years and have a peculiar eye for design. I'm currently a senior front-end engineer at a startup and will soon receive certification for accessibility from Dequeue University. In the past, I ran a development agency for seven years with a focus on accessibility. When I ran my agency, I had the opportunity to work with some incredible design studios, working with brands like Apple, Blackberry—back when they were the industry powerhouse, Benjamin Moore, Mattel, and many others. Fast forward to today, I'm once again realizing the need for accessibility. The industry has evolved so fast, but there is still a huge need for accessibility. For this reason, I chose to get an internationally recognized certification for accessibility to have a strong voice in this space. The biggest challenge I see is translating design into code that is accessible. From my experience of running a studio and working with countless designers and developers, this process of taking a design and breaking it down into HTML that follows all of the best practices for accessibility isn't always obvious and skipped or half-implemented. I want to change that. My mission is to positively impact the tech industry by educating the need for accessibility to those at the forefront of technology — i.e., designers AND developers. And I can't think of a better way than to start with the community that I've been long part of — the Figma community!