Saleena Beharry

  • Launch That, Designer & Front-End Developer
  • Orlando
  • Marketing and Advertising
Product Strategy · Accessibility · Content Management · UX Strategy · Content Creating · Design Systems · Front End Development

About Me

I've been making things since I was a little kid. I would drive my older sister crazy because I would always ask her to help me with art projects. My older sister was a natural artist. I would ask her time and time again, "How did you create that?!" It wasn't evident at the time, but those little hints throughout my childhood were shaping just how design-oriented I'd become. I was raised in New York City, and along with loving all things "creative," I was drawn to NY's architecture and individualized culture. I realized from a young age that every part of our world is designed in one way or another. That notion inspires me and drives my passion for creating in all facets of my life. I now live in Orlando, where I am a designer and front-end developer at a marketing company. I'm always amazed at how there are little signs along the way that hint towards who we may become. I feel like my story so far has been a mixture of hard work, being at the right place at the right time and how I was apparently hardwired. I am constantly learning, eager to learn more, and working towards shaping my next chapter.