Cristina Gecolea

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About Me

“What good shall I do today?" Benjamin Franklin asked himself that every morning. I do too! I believe Service Design is a force for good as it allows me to solve design-driven business challenges using a humanity-centered approach. I'm fascinated by gamification, Discursive, and Speculative Design and I enjoy designing for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. I make beautiful designs practical, working with organizations invested in good UX and UI in order to delight users with innovative solutions and compelling designs. With my Branding and Marketing Psychology skills, I’m inspired to consciously create digital experiences that are user-friendly and visually appealing. My Top 5 Skills Are: 1. Communication -- using good storytelling in all my interactions and collaborations 2. Facilitation -- managing group dynamics to ensure the best outcomes in efficient time frames 3. Improvisation aka Adaptability -- adapting research and design solutions to the key moments and context needed 4. Empathizing -- User Experience Design requires deep work, active listening, patience, and not judging the choices made by users 5. Curiosity -- As a lifelong learner, having a beginner's mind so I constantly open to new ideas, methods, practices, points of view as I explore various topics, asking many questions to help discover truths and enjoy the journey Open to design chats, collaborations, projects so use the link below to book a 15-minute virtual meeting with me: