Dylan Mahler

  • Orion Advisor Technology, Product Design Manager
  • Omaha
  • Information Technology and Services
Technology · Traveling · Video games · Accessibility · Designing the Future · Dogs · Pokemon · Anime · Space · Prototyping

About Me

Hi! Hej! 今日は!I'm Dylan. A few things that make me, me: I love culture and learning how other cultures experience the world, I'm always thinking or talking about the future, I love solving problems, I see the big picture but obsess over the small details, and most importantly, I don't take anything very seriously :) I'm currently the Product Design Manager at Orion Advisor Tech, where we make digital products for Financial Advisory firms across the nation. My Figma expertise includes: - Managing design teams through Figma - Building and maintaining design systems - Front-end Development efficiencies - Creating detailed mockups and prototypes - Remote usability testing - Illustration - Using Figma for other activities like research or team activities Please feel free to reach out, I love talking about design—especially Figma!