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Слава українському дизайну!

The Lviv community of designers at all levels: from leaders to beginners, developers, marketers, product owners, and all Figma fans in Lviv / Ukraine.

The main goal is to share successful experiences and mistakes, knowledge, and skills, to help each other, to develop design culture and design ethics.

Who will benefit:

❖ Design professionals who hone their skills in product design methods, tools and methodologies, user experience, and interface design.

❖ Young professionals who are just starting their careers in design;

❖ Developers who want to simplify the process of communication with designers;

❖ Developers who are interested in developing plugins for Figma;

❖ Product owners - who want to better understand designers in designing interfaces and usability in general;

Everyone who joins the group agrees with the requirements of Figma's code of conduct.

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There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.

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