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Welcome to Friends of Figma: Iconography! If you just can't get enough of these tiny little pictures (or just want to learn more about them), this is the place for you.

An good icon set is like a microcosm of a product or a brand. Through what it depicts and how, you can glean a lot of what a product is, how it functions, and how you should feel while interacting with it. But one of the things we hear most often about icon design is “That sounds miserable. There’s so little space!” And while the second half of that sentiment is true, embracing the inherent constraints can simultaneously do a lot of work for you, and free up your mind for new ideas. In this group, we'll host quarterly sessions about best practices to demystify the craft of iconography. Maybe even some famous faces will stop by! 😉

If you want join in the discussion, give us a follow on Twitter and the Iconography interest channel on the Friends of Figma Discord.

All community activity and events for this group are expected to follow the Figma Code of Conduct.

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.