Designing for autistic people with Students of UX Design & Irina Rusakova

Accessible Design
Sat, Apr 10, 2021, 10:30 AM (PDT)

About this event

For our first event, we are partnering with Students of UX Design! You can check out this amazing community here:

may know of inclusive design... but have you ever learned about how to design to include for people on the autism spectrum? For our next event, we are excited to invite Irina Rusakova, who will speak about the foundations of inclusive design and her research on designing for the autistic population. She'll be sharing a story of an autistic artist and the challenges that autistic people face with current digital design patterns. She'll also cover the principles that neurotypical designers can follow to cater to this group of people, why designing for autistic people is correlated with designing better for everyone, and more!

Irina Rusakova is an independent inclusive design consultant based in Brighton, UK. Her background is in visual design with 12+ years in UX/Service/Product Design and Research. In the last 5 years, inclusive design has become a big passion for her and has brought a lot more meaning to her work. Lately, she has found herself setting up a project called 'Inclusive by Design,' where she shares first-hand feedback from underrepresented communities and inspiring, inclusive projects: