Become a Student Leader

We are constantly inspired by students who use Figma both inside and outside of the classroom. We believe creating community while studying is an important part in growing and learning. Our Student Leaders facilitate a space for students to connect, grow, and learn.

If you’re interested in becoming a Student Leader and starting a group at your school, we want to hear from you!

Thank you for your interest, we'll be pausing leader applications for the 2023 school year. Please reach out to with your questions. 


Ways to be a Student Leader

Qualities of a Student Leader

Qualities of a Student Leader

  • You are enrolled in a undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university
  • You have at least one academic year left until graduation
  • You love Figma and are excited to help design students grow and bring people together
  • You agree to our Code of Conduct, making the experience safe and inclusive for all attendee
  • As a group leader, you’re committed to keeping your group active by hosting at least one meetup event per quarter, or two events per semester
Perks of being a student leader

Perks of being a Student Leader

  • Recognition as a leader within Friends of Figma
  • Access to the Friends of Figma, Students brand kit
  • Private Slack channel for Student Leaders & Community Advocates worldwide to share best practices
  • Figma Pro account for active groups
  • Closer engagement with the Figma team and product through sneak peeks and beta programs
  • Cool swag!

Want to get involved?

Apply to become a Student Leader here and we'll be in touch shortly!