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Figma User Groups are the heart and soul of our global community.
They go above and beyond to give back to the Figma community by taking the lead and passionately running our Friends of Figma groups, helping people to connect and learn from one another.

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Ways to join

Be a User Group leader

As a group leader, you’ll help connect people in smaller user groups – based on geographic location or a shared interest. You’ll coordinate in-person and virtual meetup events once per quarter for your group, and be the point person for the Figma HQ team.

Be a group leader

Being a User Group leader

Qualities of a Community Advocate

Qualities of a User Group leader

  • You love Figma and are excited to help nurture the design community and bring people together
  • You’re organized, driven, and want to build a positive and supportive environment for Figma users to grow and learn from each other
  • As a group leader, you’re committed to keeping your group active by hosting at least one meetup event per quarter
  • You agree to our Code of Conduct and believe in making experiences safe and inclusive for all attendees
Perks of being a Community Advocate

Perks of being a leader

  • Recognition as a leader within Friends of Figma
  • Access to the Friends of Figma brand kit
  • Figma Pro account for active groups
  • Closer engagement with the Figma team and product through sneak peeks and beta programs
  • Opportunities to represent Figma at events
  • Cool swag!

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